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Our Story


Daffodil Spring Farm is new. Established in January, 2017 by Dave Walker. It is my first step into farming. But, the past envelopes it. Above is a photo of some daffodils by the mountain farmhouse where my grandmother was born. Daffodils come up before our last snow. They're hopeful and tell us that the mountains will soon be green again, full of new vibrant colors. I'm excited about this new adventure and hope that you will join along!


Production Standards


Daffodil Spring practices regenerative agriculture and holistic land management. This means that pigs are frequently rotated every two weeks to fresh grass. What the pigs have rooted up is sowed with a cover crop mixture of buckwheat, red clover, and beets in the spring and summer and winter wheat and red clover in the fall. This builds our soil and provides food for the animals. 

Daffodil Spring sources its Tamworth/Old Spot cross pigs from Melinda Brown of Never Ending Farm in Sugar Grove, NC, an Animal Welfare Approved farmer.  

To supplement the pigs' food, they are fed a GMO-free pig feed diet, by hand, twice a day, There is always fresh, clean water available and ample room for them to root and graze. Feeding them by hand, allows us to assure that they remain healthy and makes them easier to work with and better natured. 

We are proud to be an Animal Welfare Approved Farm!


The Farm



Daffodil Spring leases land at the the FIG Farm in Valle Crucis's pastoral Upper Valley. A part of the High Country of Western North Carolina, Valle Crucis is located about 20 minutes outside of Boone, NC in the Blue Ridge of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

The FIG Farm is designed to provide beginning farmers with a relatively low-risk entry avenue for new producers by providing land, production and marketing infrastructure to help farmers establish lasting farm enterprises in the High Country. 

The FIG Farm property is owned by the Valle Crucis Conference Center and is under a long-term conservation easement with Blue Ridge Conservancy.

Within sight of my grandmother's homeplace, the FIG Farm affords Daffodil Spring with established infrastructure and shared equipment.

The Pork


Where Can I Find Daffodil Spring Farm?

The High Country Food Hub is a central storage facility for locally-grown food located at 252 Poplar Grove Rd. in Boone. To purchase Daffodil Spring Farm products online, please click here

For Direct Sales


Orders placed by Thursday at 5 PM, each week, can be delivered by Friday from 12-5 PM or at convenient time for you.

If you live or work in Valle Crucis, NC, you are eligible for a 5% neighbor discount.

If you would like to purchase large orders (+ $150), I can offer a 10% bulk-order discount.

To place an order, please email: